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Managing Financial Expectations for the Holiday Season

Tis’ is the holiday season of gratitude and cheer! Alongside this holiday season, comes the giving of gifts to show our gratitude for those we love... And that can be expensive. To help lessen the potential financial stress this holiday season, we want to share some tips.

  • Be realistic about your budget and what you can afford to spend. Set a spending limit per person.

  • DIY! Use your creative talents to make gifts from the heart.

  • Gift experiences. We tend to remember a moment we had with someone over the things we owned.

  • Do a Secret Santa for large family gatherings rather than gifts for each person. Set a spending limit so everyone is on the same field.

  • Be honest with family and friends about scaling back spending this season. Genuine relationships with those close to you will understand.

Happy holidays from CFR to all our funders, partners and the thousands of individuals and families who use our solutions.

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