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“It's Basic” Premiere in Oakland, CA

Sharing reflections on the “It's Basic” Premiere from CFR Product Operations Manager, Amy Nguyen

Attending the premiere of the "It's Basic" documentary during the Guaranteed Income Works National Tour in Oakland held at the beautiful Grand Lake Theatre was an incredibly inspiring and eye-opening experience.

Directed by the Emmy award-winning filmmaker Marc Levin and backed by the leadership of Stockton's Mayor Michael Tubbs as executive producer, "It's Basic" delves into the world of guaranteed income pilots led by Mayors for a Guaranteed Income. The documentary introduces the real people whose lives have been touched by these initiatives, providing a heartfelt and human perspective on the topic.

The film skillfully weaves together the stories of Saint Paul families and others from across the nation, revealing the profound impact of guaranteed income programs on their lives. It not only highlights the stark income disparities in our society but also shows us a path toward addressing these issues.

"It's Basic" serves as a powerful testament to the potential of guaranteed income as a catalyst for positive change. In a world filled with political division and growing social concerns, this documentary reminds us that there are practical solutions within our grasp. The stories shared in the film are touching, inspiring, and truly demonstrate the life-changing effects of guaranteed income on families. After attending this premiere, I have no doubt that support for the guaranteed income movement will continue to grow. The stories and insights presented in "It's Basic" are a call to action for a more equitable and compassionate society.

Having piloted multiple Guaranteed Income (GI) programs, Community Financial Resources

remains committed to establishing a safety net that prevents anyone from slipping through the cracks. Through our work, we've shown that guaranteed income stands as a powerful tool in diminishing social disparities, advancing gender and racial equality, and fostering a fairer society. This documentary is a must-see for anyone interested in understanding the transformative potential of guaranteed income. It illuminates the path toward a more equitable future and underscores the urgency of our collective efforts in shaping a just society for all.

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