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Financial security is a social determinant of health and inequality has shortened the lives of all Americans.

An Evaluation of payday plus SF

An analysis of the Payday Plus SF program, aimed at combating traditional payday lenders. 

East Bay Secured Credit Card Outcomes

Highlights successes from CFR's credit-building program. 


2022 annual report

A summary of CFR's products, programs, and partners in 2022.


2023 Annual Report

 A snapshot of CFR’s products and programs in 2023.

Building Financial Capability At Tax Time

Explores asset building 

opportunities at VITA sites.

Heart & Hands

Navigating the
Promise and Pitfalls
of Debt Consolidation

An innovation brief for financial coaching programs from the Addressing Debt in Black Communities Project. 

Workforce Financial Wellness

Dives into CFR sponsored employee 

financial wellness programs and outcomes.

Municipal Bank Feasibility Task Force Report

An analysis of the financial cost and benefits of creating a municipal bank in San Francisco alongside policy and operational consideration. 

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