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covid-19 response & recovery

More than $1.8 million

distributed to

over 4,000 families

Our Phased approach

CFR's Response & Recovery Program

by the numbers

How people are spending.

Additional resources

Information on additional support and stimulus payments

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Response & Recovery approach

CFR has launched a two-phase COVID-19 Response and Recovery Program designed to scaffold families from economic stability to mobility.

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phase i

Provide emergency cash to families through CFR's financial products

regardless of documentation status.


phase ii

Provide credit-building opportunities that enable people to build savings while rebuilding credit.

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“I received the funds on my Focus Card today! I want to thank the partners for helping my family during this very hard financial season. I was about to pay my PG&E bill, which was past due. I also have relief with paying my car note this month. Today has been a blessing for me.”

— Fund recipient

If you are in a position to do so – please consider donating to help us reach the very-low-income and unbanked families who are falling through the dangerous cracks broken open by the COVID-19 pandemic.

By the Numbers


99% of spending was on FAMILY ESSENTIALS.



36% of spending was on basic housing supplies.



38% of spending was on food.



13% of spending was on utilities.

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Additional Resources

additional resources

Looking for resources and tools to weather this storm? We know information is key, here is some information that we hope can be of some help: 
  • If you are currently receiving unemployment benefits, know that these benefits are taxable but you have the option of withholding taxes. Avoid getting caught off guard when filing your tax return next year by reading this flyer from the IRS.

  • If you are a non-filer who has still not received your stimulus payment, visit the IRS website and enter your information securely using their Non-Filer tool. Learn more. ​

  • Learn more about protecting your finances during the coronavirus pandemic from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

  • For food assistance, visit Feeding America, a nationwide network of food banks. Search by your zip code to find a food bank near you.

  • The Marguerite Casey Foundation has compiled a comprehensive resource collection, including government relief, responsive funding, organizational tools, care, and action. The collection is updated regularly. View it here. 

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