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Payment Facilitation 

Small businesses and nonprofits alike have struggled with the lack of payments infrastructure and high costs of ACH transfers when making payments to their employees and/or program participants. As a result, organizations default to cutting checks -- which can be expensive for the organization and the recipient of funds.

CFR has over 19 years' experience providing financial products designed for low-income populations that enable direct cash transfers and can continue being used as an ongoing powerful banking tool.

Payment Facilitation Offerings

Centralized Management

CFR is a one-stop shop, providing product, training, fund disbursement and data.

Financial Product Options

CFR provides financial product options, like access to the Focus Card, Self-
Help Savings Account, and/or Rewards Card.

Payment Facilitation

One-time, bi-monthly or monthly payments.


CFR provides quarterly or monthly cash flow reports and de-identified
transactional data.

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